Mumbai Green Raaga is a unique initiative with couple of layers to it. First of all it is to encourage young talent in the field of classical music. Secondly early in the morning in the midst of greenery of the BMC gardens (correct names), it will add a soothing, melodious feel for all those who visit those gardens daily for walks/yoga or for just being in the open air. thus giving a melodious start to the day ahead.
Not many Mumbaikars know that there are so many gardens in Mumbai. We have chosen 17 gardens from across the city. Each of these has an amphitheater too. By using these we wish to inspire the citizens of the city as well as encourage the young ones who despite so many other distractions are pursuing their training in classical music.

On 19th January 2019 gardens will resonate with beautiful Ragas simultaneously… adding melody to Mumbai’s morning !